9 Perfect Push Day Warm Up Exercises

Laying the groundwork with a solid warm up routine is essential before increasing the intensity of a push day workout. This push day warm up period lowers your chance of injury while also preparing your muscles for the upcoming exercise. Every fitness routine must include a push day warm up. You may increase blood flow to your muscles, increase your flexibility, and physically get ready for the challenges waiting before with an organized push day warm up. We’ll look at ideal warm up exercises in this post that are specially designed for push day. By focusing on important muscular areas like the triceps, shoulders, and chest, these exercises maximize your workout potential while lowering your risk of injuries and strains.

Importance of Push Day Warm Up

  • It’s important to warm up your muscles properly before beginning your push day routine
  • In addition to getting your body ready for the tasks in advance, a proper warm up also reduces the risk of injury.  
  • Push day warm up improves performance by increasing blood flow to your muscles, which carries more nutrients and oxygen. 
  • Dynamic warm up stretches and exercises can also increase flexibility, which will improve the effectiveness of your workout. 
  • An effective push day warm up helps to minimize the risk of injury by loosening up your muscles and joints. 
  • A push day warm up improves your energy and concentration by helping you mentally get ready for your activity. 
  • A good push day warm up routine will greatly improve your push day exercise experience.
Push Day Warm Up
Push Day Warm Up

Warm Up Guidelines

  • Before a push day, warm up activities are essential for preparing the body and lowering the risk of injury. 
  • They improve range of motion and flexibility by increasing blood flow to the muscles. 
  • A strong warm up improves the contraction of muscles, which improves training performance. 
  • It increases the transport of oxygen to muscles by preparing the heart and lungs ready for more activity. 
  • Leg swings, arm swings, shoulder circles, and wrist circles can all be a part of a 10 minute dynamic warm up. 
  • Including variations on the push up, like knee push ups or slope push ups, helps target the triceps, shoulders, and chest. 
  • All things considered, a good push day warm up prepares the body for a safe and successful push day training.

Specific Warm Up Exercises

Arm Circles 

  • Arm circles are a quick and easy push day warm up exercise that work the arms and shoulders. 
  • Arm circles are performed by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and raising your arms shoulder-high. 
  • Make little circular movements with your arms at first, and then slowly increase them. 
  • After around 10 circles in one direction, change and perform 10 circles in the other direction. 
  • As you prepare your muscles for more intense exercise on push day, arm circles help in improving shoulder mobility and boost blood flow to the muscles.

Wrist Circles for Push Day Warm Up

  • To warm up your wrists for the demands of push day exercises, try these easy yet powerful wrist circles. 
  • Make a fist with each hand and stretch your arms in front of you to shoulder height to do wrist circles. 
  • Wrist rotation should start with a clockwise and then a counterclockwise rotation. 
  • Focusing on planned, flowing motions, complete 10 circles in each direction. 
  • During your workout, this exercise helps to improve flexibility, boost blood flow to the wrists, and lower your risk of wrist injuries.

Cat-Cow Stretch 

  • A dynamic push day warm up that works the shoulders, core, and back is the cat-cow stretch. 
  • Begin in the tabletop posture, hands and knees. 
  • Take a deep breath and bend your back, pushing your head and spine up toward the sky while lowering your belly toward the floor (Cow posture). 
  • Then, as you release the breath, curve your back towards the sky while bringing your belly button in towards your spine and lowering your upper lip into your chest (cat stance). 
  • 10 repetitions of this movement should be performed, easily moving between the 2 positions.

Shoulder Rotations 

  • Any push day warm up should include shoulder rotations as it helps to improve the shoulder joint’s flexibility and range of motion. 
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms out to the sides in order to complete shoulder rotations. 
  • Turn your arms slowly in small circles, clockwise at first, then in the opposite direction, slowly expanding the circles. 
  • Rotate 10 times in each direction, being mindful to keep your range of motion complete and under control. 
  • This exercise oils the shoulder joint and gets it ready for the next round of harder workouts.

Push Up Plank 

  • A push day warm up that works your triceps, shoulders, chest, and core is the push up posture. 
  • With your hands shoulder-width apart and your body in a straight line from your head to your heels, begin in the push up position. 
  • Keeping your elbows close to your body, lower yourself into a push up. 
  • Raise your hips back up into a plank position after pushing yourself back up to the starting position. 
  • After just a few seconds of holding, move back to the push up posture. 
  • By working the muscles you’ll use on push day, this exercise gets them ready for the challenges coming.

Triceps Stretch 

  • Push day warm up, raise your right arm overhead, bend your elbow, and reach your hand down your back to complete the triceps stretch. 
  • Sensing a stretch along the back of your arm, use your left hand to gently press your right elbow down. 
  • After 15 to 30 seconds, hold this posture, then change sides. 
  • This exercise gets you ready for a more productive push day workout by easing up the triceps muscle, which is essential for exercises like triceps extensions and push ups.

Chest Stretch 

  • An important push day warm up that works these muscles and gets them ready for the workout is the chest stretch. 
  • Position yourself tall and place your feet hip-width apart to begin this stretch. 
  • Arms corrected, join hands behind your back. 
  • Raise your arms a little to show your chest. 
  • Feel the smallest stretch in your chest muscles as you hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds. 
  • This motion helps in increasing chest flexibility, improving performance during activities targeted at the chest.

Shoulder Stretch 

  • The shoulder stretch is a basic push day warm up exercise that works the muscles in the upper back and shoulders. It is easy yet effective. 
  • Reach your right arm across your body while standing tall to complete this stretch. 
  • Feel the stretch in your shoulder as you slowly bring your right arm closer to your chest with your left hand. 
  • After holding the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds, shift sides. 
  • The exercise helps the shoulders become more mobile and flexible in preparation for the push day workout.

Rotator Cuff Warm Up 

  • Making your rotator cuff health and function top of mind is essential to a great push day workout. 
  • Start with light dumbbells or resistance bands for your exterior and internal rotation movements. 
  • By strengthening and warming up the muscles around the rotator cuff, these exercises improve stability and lower the chance of injury during pressing motions. 
  • Including these particular push day warm up exercises in your plan may improve shoulder joint mechanics and performance overall.
Push Day Warm Up
Push Day Warm Up

How to Include Warm Up into Your Routine

  • For best results and injury prevention, make sure your push day exercises include a complete warm up scheme. 
  • Start with a general warm up to raise your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles, like light jogging or jumping jacks. 
  • To increase range of motion and flexibility, perform active exercises like arm circles and leg swings afterward. 
  • After that, proceed to targeted push day warm up exercises that target the muscles you’ll be exercising, such push day chest stretches and shoulder rotations. 
  • Concentrate on deliberate movements and complete each exercise for a duration of 30 to 60 seconds. 
  • This improves performance and lowers the chance of damage by readying your body for the upcoming, more difficult workouts.


In conclusion, in order to maximize the benefits of a push day workout while decreasing the risk of injury, a complete push day warm up schedule is essential. Spending time on targeted warm up exercises that target important muscular areas like the triceps, shoulders, and chest helps people improve blood flow, become more flexible, and mentally get ready for anything comes next. The warm up movements listed here, which include push up planks, triceps stretches, chest stretches, shoulder stretches, and many provide an extensive way of preparing the body for peak performance. A person’s training experience and long-term fitness results can be improved by carefully planning and executing these exercises as part of a push day routine.


Q. How long should I warm up before a push day workout?

It’s recommended to warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before starting your push day workout.

Q. Can I skip the warm up if I’m short on time?

It’s not advisable to skip the warm up, as it helps prevent injuries and prepares your body for exercise.

Q. Should I stretch before or after my push day workout?

Dynamic stretching is best before your workout to prepare your muscles, while static stretching is more beneficial after your workout to improve flexibility.

Q. Can I use the same warm up routine for all my workouts?

It’s a good idea to tailor your warm up routine to the specific muscles and movements you’ll be using in each workout to maximize its effectiveness.

Q. How can I tell if I’ve warmed up enough?

You should feel slightly warm and mildly sweaty, with your muscles feeling more relaxed and ready for exercise after a proper warm up.

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